Manufacturer and Exporter of High Grade Copper Brass Sand castings stainless steel  based castings sand castings die castings  sand casting Alloys and Ingots confirming to I.S., B.S., DIN, ASTM, UNI and JIS standards.
We are one of the well known companies dealing in Non-Ferrous metals for over a quarter century.

We are presently producing different types of Copper  Alloys  and  Castings   viz.  Gun Metal,  Phosphorous   Bronze,  Leaded  Bronze, Aluminium  Bronze,  Manganese   Bronze, Phosporous  Copper etc. Conforming to IS, BS, DIN, ASTM, UNI, JIS and other international Standerds.
Our plant is located in Jamnagar  India. We use sophisticated manufacturing techniques backed by qualified staff.
Quality is the driving force behind our success. With the use of advanced technology our experienced and skilled employees produce the best quality alloys at economical costs.  Modern quality control techniques are employed at every stage of manufacture.  
We have an in-house, well equipped, quality control laboratory (for pre & post production quality checks) to meet the most demanding needs of our diverse clients. Continous improvements in the systems have enabled us to increase production.
Scrap checking
We are committed to our mission of being a reliable, quality conscious and price friendly player in the industry. 
Manufacturer and Exporter of Copper Alloy Ingots
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India's first ISO 9002 registered firm in the field of Alloys and Ingot manufacturing 
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